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List of Approved Materials

Many teachers and administrators want to know if there is an "approved list" of videos. Audiovisual Evaluation committee members have reviewed and recommended materials. Previously there was not one cumulative list of these recommended titles, but many yearly resource lists and low-cost supplements from which teachers may choose to purchase materials for their schools. This web site now contains two ways in which District committee recommendations are made known:

Online Audiovisual Materials Resource List

A searchable data base of recommended audiovisual materials has been developed and may be accessed from this site. As of March, 2005, the database contains over 5,000 items reviewed and approved by district teachers.

Eventually all previously evaluated items will be added to this database, as well as new items evaluated during the current school year. Check back regularly to see what has been added.

As items are added, current availability and vendors will be verified. However, because of constant changes within the industry, users must verify current availability and price with the listed vendor source prior to ordering. Online Audiovisual Materials Resource List

Cataloging of Audiovisual Materials

Catalog cards and processing kits are available for materials which are listed in both the print and online versions of the Audiovisual Materials Resource Lists and Low Cost Video Supplements. To obtain these kits, send a copy of your order that includes a list of titles via school mail to Joan Kramer, Audiovisual and Educational Software Services, 1545 Wilshire Blvd. Suite #200.




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