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   The Digital Library bridges the "Digital Divide" by providing all student equal  access to up-to-date online reference material.    

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The Digital Library provides a variety of resources to meet students' instructional needs. Some of the resources are freely available on the Internet; other are available as a result of district wide subscriptions paid for by Instructional Media Services.

To access paid subscription sites, users MUST connect to the Internet directly through LAUSDnet.


Need information about American history and government?

This subscription provides information such as court cases, statistics, and audio and video clips about topics such as branches of government, foreign policy, and various periods of U.S. history from early exploration through the present.


Need photographs? Meteorological information?

This subscription provides access to the Associated Press archives from 1830 to literally today as well as to AccuWeather.

Britannica Online

Want an encyclopedia article?

This subscription provides access to the classic Encyclopedia Britannica, Britannica Student Encyclopedia, and Britannica Elementary Encyclopedia as well as related video and media.

Career Cruising

Need career information?

This subscription finds careers that match an individual's interest, provides career information, video and audio interviews with people who work in that career, and information about related colleges and university.

Columbia University Press

Looking for a poem? Geographical information?

This subscription provides access to two classic reference sources: Granger's World of Poetry and The Columbia Gazetteer.


Researching a country?

This subscription provides geopolitical intelligence on 192 countries and includes country reviews, overviews of the politics, economics, and environment, and news wire headlines and articles.


Researching a country? State?

This subscription provides cultural information, maps, a photo gallery, short biographies, and native recipes for 181 countries in the World Edition and 65 countries in the Kids Edition. The States Edition offers facts, symbols, and timelines for each of the 50 states plus Washington DC.


Need a magazine or newspaper article? photograph? literary summary or criticism? author information? science information? multicultural information? historical information or documents?

Need information about historical events? Controversial issues? Current science topics? Fast facts?

This subscription provides access o the World News Digest [1980-2004], Facts on file News Archive [1940-1979], Reuters News, Issues and Controversies, Today's Science, World Almanac, and World Almanac Encyclopedia.

Facts on File

Need a science experiment? Timeline? Map? Career information? Text of a document? Diagram?

This subscription provides access to the Curriculum Resources Center, Ferguson's Career Guidance Center, a history database including Landmark Documents in American History, and science, health geography, and forms databases.

Thomson Gale

Need biographical information? Pros and cons about a controversial topic? Literary criticism? Magazine or newspaper article in English or Spanish? General overview of a topic?

This subscription provides access to the following Resources Centers: Opposing Viewpoints, Biography, U.S. History, Modern World History, Literature [including Twayne's and Scribners Writers], Student [Gold and Junior], the Professional Development Collection, InfoTrac General Reference Center, InfoTrac Junior Edition, InfoBits, !Informe! [Revistas en Espanol], and Newspapers.


Want an encyclopedia article in English or Spanish? Country or state information? Science Information?

This subscription provides access to six classic reference sources: Encyclopedia americana, Grolier Multimedia Encyclopedia, The New Book knowledge, Popular Science, Lands and Peoples, America the Beautiful, and Nueva encyclopedia Cumbre en linea.


Need information about art? Music? People? Fast facts?

This subscription provides access to classic reference sources: American National Biography, Grove Art Online, Grove Music Online, and Oxford Reference Online.

Need maps?

This subscription provides access to thematic, city, interactive, outline, and satellite maps to name a few. It also includes lesson plans map-related activities.

World Book Online

Want an encyclopedia article in English or Spanish?

This subscription provides access to the classic World Book Encyclopedia, in both its Americas and International editions, and the Enciclopedia Estudiantil Hallazgos.

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